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Years of Expertise

Planning Solutions

 We provide consulting in many areas. Our team of professionals study a particular area and gather statistical data, which allows them to plan strategically to carry out well-implemented traffic decisions.

Clamping & Towing

We also enforce clamping of vehicles that are parked at warning indicated signs.(eg) No Parking, No Stopping and more. We also tow vehicles that block various access and / or are not mobile.


Manufacture Road Signs

We also manufacture road signs of high quality and to the highest standards. We identify the places that need signs and we erect them.


What Our Clients are Saying

Client Testimonies

Hon. Kojo Bamsin

Hon. Kojo Bamsin

Parkright is on the right track with parking and enforcement. Its not an easy task however achieveable. The city of Accra needs that level of sanity on the road. I hope they expand with new technological input.

Justin Blake Hamilton

Parking Fines Adjudicator

With plans to build a database of parking violations, Park right will soon be opening the doors private public partnerships in traffic law enforcement. The companies directors are traffic enforcement and management guru’s for over twenty-five years with extensive experience in Ghana and overseas.